There is one thing the photography must contain,the liveliness of the moment that you can relive the moment later on just by seeing the pictures you shot years back and that’s what I believe to capture.

Talent never rises just by fluke it only touches you if you have it. I realised I have it when I participated in a photography contest that held in Rajkot city “Fota ni Moj” and with that not only me even the jury and organisers realised that I have that perfect angel to capture even by a phone. I was declared 2nd winner and that’s what motivated me to take my talent seriously and work upon the same. I started shooting nature, portraits small small events and I developed and learnt many things and then again “Fota ni Moj” happened again,I obviously participated and was 3rd winner. Then I had my exhibition in 2014 which was successful and people bought my photographs, that was something overwhelming. Also there was an exhibition in PDPU college in Gandhinagar and my photo was selected there by the legend Raghu Rai.

Being a gold medallist in BSC IT and having an MCA degree it was difficult for me to convince someone that I am a photographer but your work speaks so it’s been three years now as a photographer and I guess my work speaks, check out my work here on my website.

Neha Soochak